Nachádzame špičkových ľudí na zavolanie

We are a team of skilled professionals. For more than 10 years our leading consultants have been helping companies get the best people for their teams.

Our experience is at both the local and international level, and is in the areas of not just recruitment, but executive search and business development as well. This creates a powerful synergy, from which our clients benefit.

Personnel consulting in the area of searching for and selection of key employees, managers and experts, is what we do and what we are exceptional at.

  • We know that the success of a business in a market depends to a large extent on people. Or, to be more specific: it depends on capable people.

Searching for, selecting, and acquiring such people for our clients, is our commitment.

  • We know that everyone is happy when they can rely on someone and devote their energy to creative activities, instead of worrying how things will turn out.

Our clients know they can rely on us.

  • We know that a wrongly selected person costs at the very best a lot of time and money (and, at worst, a lot more time and a lot more money).

In 95,83% of cases our clients were satisfied with our choice of employees.
The remainder were covered by our guarantee.

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