Personálny marketing Trigon Consulting

Creation of TRIGON

The year 2004 marked our entry into the market of advisory services in the area of the human resource management and employment agencies. Full of enthusiasm, we were increasing our academic know-how in this area, and we began to implement it into practice. This trend of continuous professional and personal development, learning, and increasing proficiency is constantly present in our company.



The year 2008 was marked by two events. The first one, at the very beginning of the year, was the change in the company’s legal form and the establishment of a limited liability company.

The second, and the less pleasant one, was the onset of the economic crisis, which probably had the biggest impact on precisely this market segment. We have adapted, endured, and we are still here, stronger and more capable than ever before.


Beginning of international recruitment

The year 2010 brought the beginning of our entrepreneurship at international level, and the taste of international recruitment. We perfected our processes, broadened our horizons and increased our know-how – things from which we still benefit. Our division of international head-hunting for specialised positions is still outstandingly prosperous.

pohovor do prace

The biggest in the region

Thanks to our effort, the quality of our services, but mainly our accomplishments and our clients’ satisfaction, we have become the biggest recruitment agency in the Banská Bystrica region. Our clients know they can rely on us and that is why they stay loyal to us.

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