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Concentrate on your own business and let professionals choose the key people. We can find and identify the best.

1 + 4 reasons to cooperate with us

We successfully fill even the most difficult positions. Our success rate of filling job postings (with the chosen candidate staying with our client long-term and both of them being satisfied) is over 95%.


Make a profit out of our more than 10-years of experience in this business.


With us you can be sure of being assisted by a professional.


A prompt fulfilling of our clients’ requirements goes without saying.


If you are looking for a professional approach, you are in the right place.

We combine over ten years of experience in searching for and selecting quality employees, in both the Slovak and the international market, with a professional and personal approach, and tailor-made solutions.

Recruitment, or the search for and selection of key employees is not an easy task at all. It requires proficiency and an articulation between the knowledge of several disciplines such as business, personalistics, psychology, management, and economy, as well as the knowledge of the labour market, and an insight into various sectors and their practices and operating principles.

In our company, this necessary proficiency overlaps with the practical managerial and business skills of our consultants, which provides an invaluable added bonus of understanding the importance of certain traits a person needs to have to be suitable for a particular job.

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And why to work with…

So, what are the benefits of outsourcing a part of the selection process? There are many views and motives that could be taken into account when asking or answering this question. As the reader of this article, you definitely have your own motive for doing so, but from the following lines you might get a better view into the matter of advantages that arise from a cooperation with an employment agency.

Of course, the owner of a small or medium-size company, who primarily needs to alleviate the burden of certain activities with which they are not familiar, will gain a different benefit from a cooperation with an employment agency, than an HR manager of a big company. Some of the advantages are specifically related to certain segments, but others concern all. Let’s first have a short look at them, and then talk about them in more detail.

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Recruitment in simple terms (basic principles)

Recruitment (for the purposes of this article = finding and selecting employees) is a complex process. It doesn’t matter if you are an HR manager of a big company, a manager of a department, or an owner of a small…

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