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How one company can help the planet
In our company, too, we are aware of the ecological aspect of business. We are actively involved in environmental protection.
How a company can help the planet

At Trigona, ecology is one of the fundamental principles of our operation. It is an essential part of our daily activities. We try to be environmentally friendly and help people. Always and wherever possible. It does not require any special preparations or difficult procedures. It is enough just to be aware of your functioning in a broader context, to perceive the impact of your actions on your surroundings and, as a result, consciously change your attitude. To work, and to life.

Ways to be more eco-friendly are endless. And it's never too late to start.

We are in Trigon almost we minimize paper consumption for two years and issue only electronic invoices.

They are a full-fledged accounting document if they are secured by an electronic signature. This is also the case with electronic which we are currently moving. And we are also working on Electronic business cards. We have been separating waste completely naturally and automatically for years. Partial homeoffice was natural for us even before the pandemic, thus contributing to reducing the operating costs of our company in the long term and much less burdening the environment.

However, what we are particularly proud of is the fact that we have been using Trigon for several years Refurbished IT technology. We work with computers and laptops that someone has discarded or stopped using. And this despite the fact that they are still functional. We cooperate with the company Zebra Komputer, which is dedicated to the refurbishment of IT equipment. We buy refurbished and repaired computers from them, and either use them ourselves or donate them. This saves both nature and our finances.

As a result of this cooperation and in an effort to constantly help, we have decided, even in the context of current events, that in addition to providing assistance to incoming Ukrainian families, we will certainly not stop helping ours. And so a common idea was born in us to create a challenge for businesses, individuals and our business partners to bring us their unused but functional laptops and computers. We refurbish them free of charge in Zebra and donate them to up to 70 disadvantaged families. Unfortunately, many often cannot afford to buy even ordinary school supplies for their children. The call is posted on the site with detailed information on how to proceed. We will be very happy if you get involved in it and together with us help those who really need it.

And just so, by the way, ladies in our society buy clothes in “choppers” without any problems. Because to wear worn is not only environmentally friendly, but also very economical, practical and original. Unlike other stores, you will never find two identical pieces there 🙂

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