The cooperation of our company, SHP Harmanec, Inc. Harmanec, with TRIGON Consulting began halfway through the year 2005.

Since then we have worked on several difficult employee searches together. In basically every case the position in question was a specialised one – either industrial (specialists such as electricians – handling and maintaining modern electrical control systems), business-administrative (e.g. the business department agent), or even middle managerial positions (e.g. in the IT or business department).
Apart from their high work performance and proficiency, we expect our partners to adequately know our business culture. We want them to know our company as well as possible because we think that if a different company is to find the best person possible for a vacant posting, it has to be a person suitable not only on the proficiency side, but also one whose personality and behaviour are in accord with our business culture.
In TRIGON Consulting, we found a partner who fulfills these requirements.
This company is capable of working, at a high proficiency level, with job applicants, and can carry out not only basic interviews and personality tests, but also more difficult comparisons of applicants, based on the AC. At the same time, they are able to test the applicants’ professional qualifications, such as active use of foreign language.
I highly appreciate their professional approach from the very beginning of the search process, with a sophisticated system for analysing our requirements for a certain job posting, and therefore also requirements for the desired candidates. I also their ability to guarantee the success of their selection.
During our cooperation with this company, we have not had any bigger problems, even though the positions we wanted them to fill were often highly specialised. TRIGON Consulting were able to deal with our challenging demands to our satisfaction.

Ing. Miroslav Palka | HR manager, SHP Harmanec a.s.

Our view on cooperating with TRIGON Consulting:

ZSNP, Inc., Žiar nad Hronom, has been cooperating with TRIGON Consulting since 2005 in the area of advisory and consulting activities in selection procedures, searching for and professional appraisal of people at their recruitment.
Our cooperation began with a very difficult task – searching for a person to fill the position of the Director of Production plant. In the selection process, they introduced several suitable candidates to us. The management decided to hire one of them.
After the first successfully completed order we decided to cooperate with Trigon Consulting again. Several working positions followed – a tradesman, a technologist, a construction manager.
All the employees recommended by Trigon Consulting for these positions, still work in ZSNP, Inc. and we are more than satisfied with them.
We appreciate the Trigon Consulting team’s professional approach to the taken tasks, and their absolute adjustment to our demands and needs. They approached all the selections responsibly and managed to harmonise our company’s requirements with the people we needed. We consider our cooperation so far to be very successful.

Bc. Miriam Nôtová, HR assistant | ZSNP a.s.

We would like to thank TRIGON Consulting for their cooperation in finding a person to fill a key management position in our company.
We chose TRIGON Consulting because they very promptly and flexibly responded to our difficult requirements and adjusted, to maximum extent, to our conditions and time limit – all of that for a very reasonable price.
During the search process we had to adjust our requirements for the vacant job posting, due to changes in our organisation. TRIGON Consulting immediately took these adjustments into account in the next part of the search process.
The candidates’ expertise, soft skills and language skills needed to be tested. Based on the accurate analysis of the first round of the interview, TRIGON Consulting drew up a written recommendation for the selected candidates. These candidates then went for a job interview in our company. Thanks to Trigon Consulting’s first selection, which proved itself to be professional and uncompromising, we saved an immense amount of time and energy.
The position was successfully filled and we are more than satisfied with our new colleague. He is not just an experienced person – his personality also puts finishing touches to our team.
One more time, we want to thank Trigon Consulting for their individual approach and absolute dedication, and we are looking forward to our next cooperation.

Mgr. Kristína Kavická | HR manager, Doka Drevo, s.r.o.

We appreciate the individual preparation for the search process for suitable candidates to fill the requested job postings, the flexible choice and introduction of candidates. We also appreciate the effort to select candidates not only for standard positions, but also universal and multifunctional candidates to suit the specific individual requirements of small companies.

Ing. Jozef Maloštík, Konateľ | Makros spol. s.r.o.