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Searching for and selecting employees

If you need help with the selection of employees for your company, you are in the right place. Learn more about our services or call us and our consultant will be happy to meet up with you.

Building a winning team

Do you need to build a team from a scratch or rebuild a substantial part of your existing team? We will help you create one that will meet your requirements.

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[us_testimonial author=”Ing Marek Chrastina” company=”Managing Partner | TRIGON Consulting s.r.o.”]

the same goes for normal distribution in maths, for sport, where there are winners and losers, and for people. There will always be a few outstanding, leading people, experts in their field, and the rest – average or less than average… This is true for every occupation and every job posting… in business, in management, in the accounting department, in production… when it comes to proficiency, skills, enthusiasm and the motivation to work and achieve goals, people always divide between generally capable and incapable… more or less motivated… successful and unsuccessful… Just like people, there are successful and unsuccessful companies…

We know the difference.

We help you choose the capable ones and help you become more successful.

A company may be a unit, but it is a unit consisting of people. People at different positions, in different departments, who contribute to the whole and therefore participate in creating the final effect.

It is us who can help you choose the right people… and we can do it well.