“The same that goes for sport, goes for companies – there are teams that win and teams that lose. Every company is a complex of several teams, and each of these teams have their own battlefields and rules for effective and successful functioning.”

Through having dealt with so many employees and job applicants at various posts, in various companies and regions, we are exceptionally good at identifying the top 20% of successful candidates in most standard occupations. And by combining this with our years’ worth of experience in building companies, we can identify the things that are important for achieving outstanding results as a company. This gives us an amazing robustness of our solution and our clients can greatly benefit from this synergy.

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Building a team on a greenfield

VBuilding a team from scratch is a difficult task. As with all of our services, when building teams, we create a turnkey solution for our client. The professional approach and methodology must be handled with care, following experience and with regard to the situation.

  • Analysis of client’s needs
  • Company, branch, competitive environment
  • Defining company goals – goals of the new team
  • Creating team structures
  • Identifying possible resources
  • Defining member profiles
  • Selecting a team
  • Harmonizing the team

Rebuilding a team

This service concerns the need of expanding an existing team or replacing a substantial part of it. The solution is tailor-made for every client according to the current situation and requirements. In this case, the whole process depends on many factors; we design it in accordance with an evaluation of the current status quo in comparison with the desired effect. Here, our years of experience in individual approach are simply invaluable.

In general this process consists of:

  • Analysis of the current situation of the company and team
  • Analysis of the external environment (branch, competition, market position
  • Suggestion of a solution
  • Implementation of the solution