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Advantages of cooperation with a staffing agency
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Advantages of cooperation with a staffing agency

So what are the benefits of outsourcing part of the selection process? There are many points of view and motives that can be taken into account when asking or answering this question. By being on this page and reading these lines, you certainly have your motive, but perhaps with this or so the following text you will gain a better insight into the other benefits that come from such cooperation.

Of course, there are other benefits of working with Staffing agencyThey go to the owner of a small or medium-sized business, who primarily needs to relieve himself from certain activities in which he is not at home and otherwise the HR manager of a large company looks at cooperation with a staffing agency. In addition to specifics, for different “segments”, however, there are objective facts that apply to everyone. Let's list them briefly and then break them down in more detail.

Everyone is an expert in something and a person who is “at home” will do a better job

  1. Cost of sacrificed opportunities, or focus on your core business
  2. Everyone is an expert in something and a person who is “at home” will do a better job
  3. Relieve the burden of pre-selection, or get rid of paperwork and devote your time only to valuable applicants
  4. Looking for a needle in a haystack, when you need specialists or extremely skillful people who do not grow like mushrooms after rain, then this is exactly the right time to turn to a headhunter for help
  5. The personnel consultant is also an advisor who has an overview of the market and knows how to compare the “quality of applicants” with the benchmark
  6. Another consulting advantage of cooperation with a professional is an overview of the labor market and the comparison of the conditions of the employer with the competition or the industry as well as the confrontation with the market reality

There are certainly other advantages to be found, but I think that these points capture the essence and added value that a good HR consultant can bring to the company or Staffing agency.

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