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Working mothers

Working women today are a complete given. The Western trend of the traditional role of the “housewife” has not really caught on in our country. And maybe that’s a good thing. In fact, several studies confirm that a working mother is a great role model for children and has a positive impact on their development and their future.

However, being a working mother in our country is not easy. She is expected to work full-time as an employee while at the same time, as a mother, taking full care of the children and the household. Returning to work after maternity leave is no easier. After three years, most mothers are no longer in their original jobs and each one has a hard time trying to re-establish herself and get back into the workforce after a while.

That is why every mother is faced with the dilemma of returning to work as soon as possible after the birth of her child, or simply allowing herself to stay at home with her child on maternity leave. The luxurious time of three years, during which a woman can devote herself to her child to the fullest, is also a long time to “stunt” her professionally, so to speak.

Many mothers therefore try to make the most of this time, working partly from home and earning some extra income. Ideally, of course, a woman on maternity leave should not lose contact with her employer and should be able to continue working for her employer after a short break in a modified regime. In this case, employers need to try to help mothers return to work and make the process easier for them. Offer them greater time flexibility or reduced working hours. It is important to pay more attention to the mother after she starts work and during the adaptation process – as times are dynamic and many things change over time.

Employers are often afraid to hire a mother, especially if she has multiple children. But our experience is that if a woman is given the opportunity and given the conditions to not have to compromise between family and work life, she becomes a very efficient, hard-working and loyal worker. Many mothers have great ambitions to work alongside their families, to be creatively fulfilled and to grow in their careers. It is not at all difficult for them to function effectively. They can organize themselves, their family and their household. Women are naturally multi-taskers, and motherhood will make this practical ability even stronger. And that’s something every progressive employer should appreciate and use wisely.

We at Trigon know this, we understand women, we fully support motherhood and family as almost all of our colleagues are mothers. We create conditions for mothers to combine work and home life with ease. We support flexibility and working from home. We let our women manage their time, within which they are fulfilled professionally and engaged with their families. We have confidence in their ability, integrity and accountability. They, in turn, are much more effective, independent and engaged. Together, we are breaking down the barriers that put women at a disadvantage in the labour market in the context of motherhood.

Did you know that “being a mother gives you superpowers to do even the things you don’t want to do?” And that always comes in handy, not just at work 😊

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Working mothers

Working mothers

Working women today are a complete given. The Western trend of the traditional role of the “housewife” has not really…

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