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Glossary of HR terms



HR audit is an effective and efficient form of collecting valuable information about your employees, which you can then use effectively in the development of your human resources and in the optimization and standardization of processes in your company.

The aim of personnel planning is to ensure that you have the required quality and number of human resources necessary to achieve your goals and fulfill your company’s vision.

HR consultancy is focused on the evaluation and selection of employees, as well as their career development. Preventive counselling is also important, targeting managers, key team members and employees in challenging and high-risk workplaces.

The aim of the service as an external HR manager is to help you temporarily fill the position of HR manager or positions in the HR management of your company, in order tosolve an urgent personnel situation in your company.

Your employer branding is a very important value on the labour market.It is how you identify yourself on the labour market and in your field. This makes it easier for you to recruit new talent to your ranks.

Effective people management and leadership is the goal of every HR manager. There are different styles of leading people in management. The goal of personnel planning is to stabilize and build a team through the selection of the right people, the preparation of employment contracts, and the setting of a remuneration system so that you can continuously grow and progress.

We enable our partners to grow by identifying and selecting new talent to build teams. We find top people for key roles who take your business leaps and bounds forward. For some, they will help achieve significant milestones.

Have you defined exactly what competences and responsibilities an employee has in his/her position? If you don’t have clarity in the job description, people don’t perform or have clearly defined responsibilities, people and the company don’t progress, the leadership team fails.

Do you want to save your HR department the time, energy, and expense of processing public responses, conducting interviews, testing candidates, and verifying references when selecting candidates for your company? An external recruiter is used to oversee the selection process and provide HR advice to your company.

The aim of the Interim management service is to temporarily fill an important position of a manager or director, or an external HR manager, in order to solve problems, urgent situations in your company in the form of an interim manager. You can hire an interim manager to deal with changes, new projects, strategic tasks or unpopular moves. This professional is highly qualified, has a range of work experience and has completed a wide variety of projects.

Executive search is a specialist advisory service for the highly effective identification, sourcing and attraction of the most talented business leaders, managers and professionals, which we provide on behalf of our clients. The quality of the leaders, managers and professionals on your team is a key ingredient for success.

We will prepare for you an analysis of the labour market and the internal working environment in relation to meeting the requirements and increasing the potential of your company with new employees. The survey includes an overview of your competitors, salary levels for the given positions, or a survey of opinions about your company. We will prepare the analysis in a personalized way, taking into account the specifics of your company.

Employee remuneration is one of the sensitive settings depending on the job position and the focus of your activity. We will set up a system of employee appraisals for specific models, for specific levels within the team.

we will help you set up a remuneration model tailored to your team and compare it with the market situation. In addition to standard pay, we will also assist you in reviewing and reassessing existing benefits.

Managerial and professional jobs require more care in selecting candidates. Using specific model situations that are similar, even identical, to work experience, we can better reveal the qualities and competences of the candidate. We will help you to fill the position in a qualified way.

Do you want to move forward? Start with your employees. Education, targeted training will ensure a shift at all levels. From communication, to changing the setup and behaviour of the team.

Specialized training for employees, where we develop their skills on specific model situations. These are usually similar to identical to cases from practice. Through inducing situations that a given position actually addresses. Therefore, this way of learning is very effective for development.

Leave the process of finding new employees to the professionals. Recruitment requires expertise and a combination of knowledge of several disciplines as well as knowledge of the labour market, the different sectors, their internal practices and operating principles.

Do you want to save your HR department the time, energy, and expense of processing public responses, conducting interviews, testing candidates, and verifying references when selecting candidates for your company? Our consultant will carry out the selection procedure and provide HR consultancy in your company. We can help you in your challenging search for new employees.

First of all, we need to have a clear idea of who you need. Only then can we start looking for suitable candidates, so we first find out which candidate profile is the most suitable for you.

Based on the job description and the nature of the job, we create a search strategy (process) to identify the most effective ways to reach suitable candidates, which we then implement. The most commonly used include: quality advertising, use of own and external databases, social networking, networking.

Based on the job description and its nature, we will determine the selection process – we will determine the necessary techniques used in the selection process.We will create a set of questions for the in-depth interview and evaluate the necessity of using additional methods and include them in the overall applied concept.

create for each position a database of Battery questions tailored to the specific client and the specific position. Methodologies we use in selection interviews.

– BEI (Behavioral event interview),

– RGI (Repertory gridinterview),

– CBI (Competency based interview),

– Exploring personality, motives, habits, traits, abilities and skills,

– examining expertise and ascertaining experience,

– exploring career paths and directions, evaluating compatibility with the client’s requirement and situation.

In addition to these methods, we also use additional selection techniques for specific positions, in particular:

– verification of references,

psycho diagnostics – personality tests and questionnaires,

assessment centre and testing through model interview situations,

– assessment experience centre.

Building a team from the ground up is a difficult task. As with all our services, we create a turnkey solution.

The TRIGON Consulting s.r.o. personnel agency is engaged in personnel consultancy in the field of search and selection of employees, especially for managerial, business, marketing and specialized technical positions. Do you want to be sure of getting the most suitable person through an expert and professional selection? Take advantage of our recruitment agency’s HR consultancy.

It is an investment in the future because it promotes loyalty and engagement of key employees and is a tool to attract new talent to the company.

an overview based on our market knowledge, our internal data supplemented by databases of relevant external sources.



We work on the basis of the client’s brief, with whom we communicate in detail their requirements for the person they need to find, so that we can be sure we know who to look for, what they need to know and what they need to be like.

Legally, it is a cooperation agreement.

It depends on whether employees who meet the requirements are available on the labour market or need to be found in other ways. If it is not difficult to find people with the required qualifications on the labour market, it is 2 – 3 weeks.For highly specialised positions where an executive search is required, this time is 4 – 6 weeks.

We need to know who to look for, i.e. experience, education, knowledge, expertise, skills, qualities … and we need to have a signed cooperation agreement.

The price for a consulting solution depends on the difficulty of the search and selection process. The price is individually calculated according to how difficult it is to find the required people and also what selection methods will be used. Request a quote.

Understanding the client’s requirements for the person they are looking for is essential. Searches are conducted in a variety of ways as needed, but the most commonly used include advertising the position, searching databases and reaching out to people in databases who meet the requirements, and executive search.

Next, a selection process is carried out, based on an in-depth personality interview combined with a career path and language analysis and complemented by a competency-based interview. If the client is interested in selection, we further use reference gathering and verification, personality testing and an assessment centre.

Once this process is complete, we will present the client with the 2 – 4 most suitable candidates from which to choose.

Executive search (hereafter referred to as ES) is a method of searching for employees who are not freely available on the labour market. They are mainly top managers and specialists. It is used when you need to fill a specific position but have no response to the advertisement.

EC is direct outreach to people who are employed and not looking for work.

In this case, the guarantee means that if the candidate recommended by us does not prove to be suitable and our client terminates the employment relationship or the candidate leaves, we will carry out a new search without any fees.

The length of the warranty ranges from 3 to 6 months.

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