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How do you work with the morale of your employees?

The level of work ethic varies from workplace to workplace. Slight fluctuations in staff deployment are perfectly natural. They are often related to the holiday season or holidays, for example. Maintaining a high work ethic over the long term is a challenge (also) for the HR department.

But is it really such an essential thing? Here are some facts about employee motivation that might help you rethink your perspective on this issue.

Engaged employees show 21% higher profitability

Keeping employees engaged and motivated can boost company earnings, and some surveys show that engaged workers are up to 21% more profitable than those who are not.

The most successful companies put employee engagement at the top of the list when planning their business strategy . These businesses provide employees with the best tools and give them realistic and clear expectations.

Almost every employee believes that empathy is key

When we look at employee retention statistics, we can see that people value empathy highly. Up to 96% of people think that recognising the emotions of others is a very important part of morale and retention.

This means that morality and empathy are strongly intertwined. People will only feel safe and motivated in the workplace if the company recognises their emotional states and knows how to respond appropriately and sensitively.

We know how to keep employees motivated and we're happy to share our BONUS tips with you. Write to us.

Employees with low work ethic cost incredible money

In the US, a survey was conducted to find out how much companies make per year on workers who do not “live” enough for the company. $550 billion a year! That’s the amount American companies lose on disengaged employees.

This brings us to the old familiar rule “less is sometimes more”. As the number of people in the workplace increases, the proportion of disengaged people increases proportionately.

Therefore, it is a better choice to have an admittedly
fewer employees, but quality

To overcome this problem, companies should pay more attention to communication between management and employees and make every effort to build a healthy organizational structure.

Burnout syndrome affects 6 out of 10 employees

Another interesting HR fact suggests that more than half of people eventually burn out. About 61% of employees simply burn out due to the high stress associated with the work environment. This fact should be a wake-up call for company management. As mentioned above, a laid-off worker is a productive worker.

The best way to avoid employee burnout is to hold regular workshops and stress management sessions, organise team building sessions and communicate regularly within the company at all levels.

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