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Recruitment the peasant way (basic principles)

Recruitment (for this article =
search and selection of employees)
is a complex process and regardless of whether you are an HR manager of a large company, a manager of a department / section or a small business owner when recruiting any employee you need to master the following five things:

  • Be very clear who I’m looking for
  • Ability to target/find suitable candidates well
  • Ability to attract them and “sell” them the job
  • Ability to select the most suitable/best among them
  • Inclusion and adaptation

Of course there is a whole science behind each point, but in this article we will just quickly go through them.

Being clear about who I am looking for is the alpha or foundation of the whole process.

Being clear about who I am looking for is the alpha or foundation of the whole process. If you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll never get there. Resp. You will definitely get somewhere, it’s just questionable whether it’s the place you wanted to go. Without knowledge and understanding of the above, a recruiter is as blind as a blind man. This point is like a project when building a house. Well, try to imagine that you go to build a house without any project. In addition to a comprehensive idea and visualization, the project also captures all the details that actually define the house both structurally and visually.

In cooperation
recruitment agency

it is absolutely essential that the consultant knows the job thoroughly and knows what it entails, is able to clearly imagine the desired candidate with all the key factors to be met. If he knows them, understands them and can imagine them – he can deliver the desired candidates. But it does not matter whether you make the choice yourself or through external cooperation. This point applies equally to all scenarios. Whoever is recruiting must know the job position otherwise they are shooting blind.


The search can take many different forms and can incorporate a variety of techniques. Depending on your needs (or a clear idea of who you are looking for), you will think of possible or appropriate ways and places to find the person you want. It’s basically a hunt that you can approach as a hunter. Depending on what you are going to hunt, you choose the area, prepare suitable weapons, lures, … or hire a hunter.

The most commonly used tools in most searches are advertising/staff marketing, searching through friends and contacts and personal connections, schools, databases, job centres and specialists.

Finding, targeting and attracting capable candidates for your company in the job market combines luring, hunting, tracking, selling, marketing, courting, … The ability to attract capable candidates the ability to attract and sell the job to the kind of candidates you are looking for (i.e. those who are worth it) whether in the form of an advertisement or a well written / presented job offer that reaches out to willing / selected candidates is key and needs to be mastered if you want to achieve good results in the form of quality people too.
It is essentially a specific form of sales and marketing and the resulting effect as well as the quality of the response depends heavily on the recruiter’s ability to do it in a way that successfully achieves the intended effect.

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Ability to select the most suitable

The company is made up of people. In most cases, companies have well-built processes for all activities contributing to the production of a product or service to deliver a quality output to the customer. So if people are the most valuable asset for a company, it is essential to have well-developed processes for their
Being able to ask the right questions to get just the information we need is key. Making decisions intuitively in such an important area is definitely not the way to go.

What do you take into account when you want to promote someone? On what basis do you decide whether to keep the person you have hired after the probationary period? The answer will probably be similar in both cases. We always need to know whether the person can perform and manage the required tasks, projects, challenges, processes in the required quality and time, whether he can cooperate, whether he needs to be defended or it is enough to set a goal / task, … and he goes like a Swiss watch. With a person you can observe or have experience with, you can find that out directly. When choosing a new person, you need to be able to find out by asking the right questions.


The process does not end with the acceptance of the selected person. Although it has to be said that if the selection was done well, this last point will go easily. However, it must not be neglected, otherwise the whole previous effort may end up in the trash. So adequate time and energy should be devoted to learning about the company, culture, people, expectations, work system …. and training of the candidate. Also to create an atmosphere of support for him (even if he is thrown into the water) so that he has somewhere to turn if he needs to.

Of course all this is not the end of working with people, it is just the beginning, but that is another topic.

Ing Marek Chrastina

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