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Case study: an accountant


The company UNITECHNOLOGY, s.r.o. has asked us to help them fill the position of Accountant. The company provides services in the field of building technology supply throughout Slovakia and abroad. They offer comprehensive services in HVAC, air conditioning, heating, metering and controls.

This company has been a regular client of ours for several years. We assist them in filling mainly technical and other specialised positions. When the team was supplemented by the outgoing colleagues in the positions of accountant and receptionist, they said that these were easy positions that they could fill themselves and would not outsource them to a recruitment agency. On 21.5.2019, after 3 months of unsuccessful searches, the managing director of the company approached us with a request for help to find suitable employees for these seemingly simple positions. He admitted that they wasted an incredible amount of time in selecting CVs, interviewing candidates, or arranging meetings that the job seekers often did not even show up for. Worst of all, their chosen candidates have not proven themselves. The position of receptionist was finally filled on the third attempt, but the client admitted that it was a pain and he is still not 100% satisfied with the result. That is why the second position – accountant – was left to us – the experts.


We have extensive experience as an accountant. We know when and where to look. Also who to approach and how to approach them. In this case, we chose to reach out in the form of a well-prepared advertisement and, in addition, to address potential candidates directly. We worked with a pool of 23 candidates, of which 18 were contacted to arrange a job interview with one of our consultants. We presented the client with 3 candidates who, in our opinion, best matched the requirements of the position and the client themselves. From the above mentioned 3 candidates for the position of accountant, the managing director of the company chose a new employee immediately after the first rounds of interviews. The position of Accountant has been successfully filled with our candidate’s start date of 3.6.2019.

HR services

During the filling of the position of accountant, we provided our client with HR consultancy at the beginning of our communication, during which we built a good “springboard” for the successful filling of the position of the new employee. For the client, we initially prepared an analysis of salary requirements for the position of an accountant in the Banská Bystrica region. We informed him about the current salary settings and expectations of candidates for this position, as he had not held this position for the last 11 years and therefore did not have sufficient insight into the current salary settings. The recruiting process itself required interviewing, testing of candidates, development of a profile of the suitable candidate and accompanying consultancy activities to select suitable candidates.

Banská Bystrica Region

28 candidates

13 days after the position is filled

Personnel services provided

Personnel consultancy

We provided our client providing services in the industry in Slovakia, but also abroad, with initial HR consultations and up-to-date information about the position to be filled, from the perspective of our many years of experience and the current requirements of the labour market.

Payroll consultancy


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