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How a good recruitment agency will save you money

Turnover belongs to the life of a company. If it is not high, it can even be beneficial to the company to some extent. New people will bring fresh wind and give you a different angle on your work. The smarter ones will bring innovations that you can benefit from for years.

Up to half of employees in companies are considering changing jobs. To be more precise, it is 51%. It is a fact that need not be a bogeyman if you make quick and effective decisions.

Some studies suggest that the loss of an employee costs a company up to 33% of its annual income.

Companies spend a lot of time and money trying to properly replace a worker who has decided to leave the company. Some studies suggest that the loss of an employee costs a company up to 33% of its annual income.

Let’s take a model example to see in the Slovak reality what consequences this can have for your company.

The average super gross labour cost is around €20,000 per year. If we assume from the study that the loss of the employee will “cost” the company 33% of his salary, we get the amount of 6 700 €.

This is the amount a company loses by losing an employee.

If the situation arises that the employee has made a final decision, you must find a replacement quickly but very carefully. Inhouse recruitment can take weeks. A good recruitmentagency has areal-time overview of the applicants and can offer solutions very quickly.

According to other studies, a new employee reaches optimal productivity after 24 weeks. If joining a larger company (with over 250 employees) with more complex structure and processes, this level will be reached even a month later.

The high willingness of employee turnover, the financial loss when they leave and the six-month process of adapting a new employee can look very pessimistic for a company at first glance.

A recruitment agency may be the solution for you. With over 15 years of experience in this field, we are able to offer the best candidates the market has to offer. We achieve an extraordinary success rate of up to 85% in selecting candidates and integrating them into the team.

In cooperation with us, you will quickly get a replacement for a departing employee and save money. How?

By selecting the right candidate, we minimize turnover in the company and you can devote your efforts, time and resources to growing your business instead of lengthy training of a new employee with an uncertain ending.

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