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Interesting and surprising facts about job interviews

Only recently, the job portal reported on the record increase in job offers last year, marked by the pandemic. So we decided to take a look at some interesting facts about job interviews – some surprising, others food for thought.

Time is a quantity of which everyone has equally much (or rather little). Therefore, the following statistics can also help you to recruit more effectively. But you can also save time by entrusting the selection of employees to a professional recruitment agency – and we’ll be happy to lend you a helping hand.

85% of people mislead or at least bend the truth in their CVs

85% of people mislead or at least bend the truth in their resumes. It is often only possible to distinguish who has real experience and who is just colouring things in at a job interview. An experienced HR specialist will detect this quite quickly. The average interview takes 45-60 minutes. If it’s less, he was probably miserable. But there is no need to generalise. Some positions don’t need long interviews.

9 out of 10 firms stated that they require a candidate to have at least essential work experience, while 6 out of 10 firms stated that they explicitly want to hire a candidate with specific relevant work experience.

Candidates themselves often burn the branch under themselves. An unprofessional email address is the cause of up to 76% of rejected CVs. If candidates do get to the interview, in almost half of the cases they do not study enough information about the company itself, which certainly does not add to their value.

Success is often determined by details. 71% of companies said they did not hire a person because they did not have an adequate dress code.

Nearly 2/3 of recruiters say the biggest problem is the lack of talent. This shortage has tripled in the last decade… At this point, an established recruitment agency can pull its “trumps out of its sleeve”. Thanks to dozens of interviews per month, knowledge of the market and clients, or established contacts, it does not start from scratch when recruiting for more or less specific positions. It simply “pairs” a quality candidate with the client’s requirements, saves them time and money, and relieves the HR department of the burden.

Did you know that only a third of applicants are actually qualified for the job they are applying for?
The expertise and years of experience of recruiters in recruitment agencies are invaluable here too.

Finding a truly quality candidate is difficult, but not impossible. If you have been looking for one for a long time but can’t find one, please contact us. Our team of recruiters interviews interesting candidates every day and it is possible that your next colleague is “lying” in our drawer.

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