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The end of job ads as we knew them. Čo s tým?

Pravidlá a poučky, ktoré boli platné v inzercii pred pár rokmi už dávno neplatia. Všimli ste si? Klasický inzerát so suchým jednoduchým výpočtom činností je už dlhšiu dobu nefunkčný.

The declining effectiveness of classic advertising on portals such as is a daily reality. Why is this happening and what can we do to attract quality candidates?

Let’s look at a few key reasons and possible solutions.

1. Unemployment rates and labour market competition

According to the Slovak Statistical Office, the unemployment rate in Slovakia was 6.1% in the first quarter of 2024. This represents a decline from previous years, when unemployment was around 7-8%. A lower unemployment rate means fewer candidates looking for work and more competition among employers. In this environment, traditional advertising becomes less effective because potential candidates have more options and are more selective and demanding of the information published in advertisements.

2. Change in candidate behaviour

Candidates are looking for jobs differently today than in the past. It’s not just Generations Z and Y. While a few years ago was the main source of job offers, today a large part of recruitment is moving to social networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook or specialized career portals. According to a LinkedIn survey, up to 70% of candidates prefer to search for jobs via social networks. These platforms offer a more interactive and personal approach, making them more attractive to candidates.

3. Turnover rate and long-term sustainability

Another factor is the high employee turnover rate and the general trend of declining employee loyalty. According to a survey by Grafton Recruitment, the average annual turnover rate in Slovakia is around 20%, with some positions having a turnover rate of up to 50%. This means that employers have to constantly look for new talent, which increases the pressure on the efficiency of recruitment processes. Traditional advertising is often insufficient to reach and retain quality candidates who are looking not only for a job, but also for a meaningful adaptation, career growth and attractive benefits.

So what works?

1. Active sourcing and personalized approach

Candidates today expect a personalised approach. Instead of waiting for responses to job postings, it is more effective to actively search for potential employees on social networks, career forums and other platforms. This approach requires more time and effort, but yields better results.

2. Employer branding

Building a strong employer brand is key. Candidates want to work for companies that have a good reputation, provide opportunities for personal and professional development and care about their employees. Investing in employer branding campaigns can significantly increase the attractiveness of your business.

3. Innovative recruitment methods

Seek out and try new recruitment methods such as virtual career days, hackathons, or internal referral programs. These methods allow for an interactive and dynamic approach to recruitment and can attract quality candidates who would otherwise overlook your offer.

4. Data analysis and process optimization

Using data to optimise recruitment processes is a necessity today. Analyse which channels are delivering the best candidates, track the success of individual campaigns and adapt your strategies based on the data. Automation and the use of HR software can also increase the efficiency and accuracy of recruitment.


Classic advertising on portals such as no longer works as we were used to in the past. With lower unemployment rates, changing candidate behaviour and high turnover rates, we need to find new and innovative ways to attract and retain quality employees. A personalised approach, strong employer branding, innovative methods and the use of data are key to successful recruitment in today’s competitive environment.

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