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The most common recruitment mistakes and how to avoid them

Have you ever wondered what can make it difficult for you to find the right person for your company? You may have asked yourself this question in your mind many times. Let’s now take a look together at some of the most common causes of complications that can arise during the search and selection process.

Search and select employees

can be implemented in a number of ways, either by using your own overhead or by using the services of
recruitment agencies
respectively. personnel consulting companies. As you know, the starting point is to clarify the requirements of the employee who will be filling the position. This means determining what the job description will be and, more importantly, what you expect from the new job applicant. This can include professional knowledge and experience, but also the personal characteristics of the employee, which should correspond with the corporate culture of your organisation.

This clarification of requirements is the starting point to ensure that the new candidate meets all your expectations.

This clarification of requirements is the starting point to ensure that the new candidate meets all your expectations. If this principle is violated, complications may arise in that applicants, although meeting all your previously defined requirements, may not be suitable for the position and you may need to make additional adjustments to the requirements during the selection process. This unnecessarily prolongs the whole process. The situation may be more complicated if you make such a choice by using the services of a personalagency. If all the requirements for a worker are not clarified in advance, the whole process can be complicated not only in the extension of the search time, but ultimately your adjustments in the requirements will also translate into higher costs.

Another frequently repeated mistake is the employer’s late notification to the candidate about the result of the selection procedure. This makes it very easy for the employer to lose the chance to get the most suitable candidates. It is important to remember that smart candidates have a choice of several offers and do not have to wait patiently for your notification. If you do not want to go through the whole selection process again, it would be a good idea to keep to the agreed deadlines and keep candidates informed of developments if the decision-making process is extended. Another fact is that people generally do not react positively to the uncertainty that is associated with a long wait to hear from a potential employer. And as part of this natural attitude, they may decide to accept an offer that may not be as interesting as yours, but will be certain… At worst, they will form an opinion about your company and “thank” you for your time.

An oft-repeated fallacy can also be that the employer is looking for, and ultimately selects, the best but not the most suitable candidate for the job. In this case, the new hire may find that his/her capabilities exceed the position and it won’t be long before he/she leaves for a better offer. Therefore, the most important point is to clarify which competences are key for the position. It might seem best to hire a candidate who is perfect at almost everything, but this situation is unrealistic and also not the happiest solution. It is therefore important to think about which of these requirements are essential for you and which you would be willing to discount if necessary. It is also important to match the salary offered to the requirements. Especially in situations where you need to employ people where demand exceeds supply and such employees are hard to find on the labour market. In this regard, it can only be stated that it is difficult to get Superman for Sk 5,50,-.

Ing. Marta Vladárová
HR Consultant

TRIGON Consulting

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